RiscPCB is a FreeWare printed circuit board designer for RISC OS computers.
It was written initially for my own use but hopefully will be of use to someone else.

Most of the PCB programs I've tried to use on the PC are rather complicated, so I have
tried to keep the operation of the program as simple as I can making operations similar to !Draw, where possible.

Please note included in the archive is a help file in StrongHelp format


Creates PCBs up to 8 layers (6 copper 2 silk)
Export PCBs As A Draw File
Outputs PCBs As GERBER Files
Stores Components In Its Own Library System
Very Easy To Use
Its Free!! and it runs on RISC OS Machines
Tested On IYONIX & Raspberry PI

Click here to Download RiscPCB version 1.04 (May 2019)

Also note PCB files should be file typed to &AC6 for use with RiscPCB

PI_I2S Module

This Module Creates A I2S Sound audio device for the Raspberry PI
it uses DMA for background sound transfer.
You can select between the I2S audio and the standard output device using
the sound configuration module in !boot.

Included in the download are 5 programs to drive the HiFiBerry Dac & Digi Cards
I have left the setup of the various cards as seperate BASIC programs
so people can write there own drivers for different cards and still
use the I2S module to enable the audio transfer

Please note:- DAC or Digi Board based on the same ICs should work.
The main difference between the lower quality and higher quality boards
is the way the clock for audio is derived in the lower quality boards
they use the PIs I2S clock as a master which drives the HiFiberry board
in the higher quality boards the PI I2S clock becomes a slave which is driven
from the HiFiberry Boards.

Click here to Download PI_I2S version 0.10 (May 2019)

Please send any comments/bugs via EMAIL terry at idealist dot demon dot co dot uk

Any suggestions regarding the programs would be gratefully received.